The Nutrition Game!
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The purpose of this script is to illustrate simply the current completely ridiculous state of our understanding of human nutrition. Namely, there's an amazingly long list of things that people think about nutrition--such a long list that it's just really really hard to imagine even a small fraction of these things actually being true.

See this blog post for more information.

Of course, not every combination really makes sense. For example, searching for "breast milk stroke" gives a little bit of pseudoscience claiming that drinking breast milk reduces the risk of stroke, but mostly it gives stuff about the breast stroke and some general stuff about breast milk. And, some things simply give perfectly reasonable results, like "coffee energy." However, it's really quite surprising how many word choices result in a ton of pseudoscience. For example, my first attempt at finding something that wouldn't give a real result was "breast milk Alzheimer's." It turns out that that search gives 2.4 million results...

Special thanks to the many people on Twitter who helped me compile this list