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The Nutrition Google Game

(Click here to play the game yourself.)

A friend and I just accidentally invented a fun game. I like it because it cutely illustrates the current completely ridiculous state of our understanding of human nutrition. Namely, there’s an amazingly long list of things that people think about nutrition–such a long list that it’s just really really hard to imagine even a small fraction of these things actually being true.

(I have a lot more to say about human nutrition than just this. In short, I am extremely skeptical of any claims about human nutrition. I sort of touched on this in this old blog post on my poker blog, and I might do a bit more in the future.)

Anyway, here’s the game:

  1. Choose something that people eat that some people think might have effects on your health (e.g. trans fats or calcium or acai berries).
  2. Choose a word or phrase that is somehow related to human health (e.g. “asthma” or “concentration” or “bad for you”).
  3. Google them together.
  4. Watch as hilarity ensues.